Ralph Blue Perfume

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Ralph Lauren, with his business science education and Army background, is anything but the typical fashion designer. And when he opened a tie shop in 1967, with no fashion design experience, he entered the world of fashion in a most unassuming manner. But he was soon preparing a collection of menswear to complement his ties, the Polo label and the little polo horseman insignia appeared, and the rest is fashion history.

The first Ralph Lauren womenÂ’s collection was in high-end stores in 1971, and the preppy Hamptons look was such a success that it is now the basis for everything from sportswear and luggage to linens, place mats, and area rugs, garden and beach equipment, and paint.

By 1973 Ralph LaurenÂ’s talent was recognized enough that he was dressing Hollywood in The Great Gatsby, and later in Annie Hall, and his reputation for creating timeless clothes which will look good for decades, instead of fashion fads, was cemented. And it was in 1978 that he began t introduce his collections of menÂ’s fragrances, beginning with the Polo, and later the Romance and Safari lines. The first Ralph Lauren perfume, simply known as Lauren, also appeared in 1978.

Ralph Lauren Fragrances

Each Ralph Lauren perfume is created with a specific lifestyle in mind, and each Ralph Lauren Perfume is created with quality as its true essence. Lauren, with its flowery and woodsy blend of fragrances, was a daytime fragrance intended for the growing number of professional women in the US to wear to the office. Ralph Lauren Perfume is now available under the Safari, Polo Sport, Style, Ralph Cool and Ralph Hot, Ralph Lauren Blue, Pure Turquoise, and new for 2007, the Ralph Rocks labels.

Ralph Lauren Ad Campaigns

The advertising for Ralph Lauren perfume has been as distinctive as the fragrances themselves, with a tradition of giving in-depth glimpses into the lives of those women who use the fragrances. Ralph Lauren has a definite idea of the best Ralph Lauren perfume for each different lifestyle, and the advertising may be his way of helping each woman pinpoint the Ralph Lauren perfume which will be perfect for her.

The Ralph Lauren perfume collections are competitively priced, with prices ranging from $49.50 for Lauren up to $350.00 for Pure Turquoise. Many of the Ralph Lauren perfumes are also marketed in mini-perfume sizes, priced at $12.95. The mini-perfume size is ideal for allowing a woman to sample different Ralph Lauren perfume fragrances until she can settle on the one which is “hers.”

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Ralph Blue Perfume
Ralph Blue Perfume

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