Pure Seduction Perfume

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victoria’s secret pure seduction perfume?

i was wondering if anyone knew of a perfume that smelt similar to pure seduction at victoria’s secret. i love the scent but im not allowed to have it because of the name.
thanks a bunch!! : )

why don u try D & G light blue perfume? It smells really wonderful and similar to Pure Seduction… This is a great fragrance that seem to be well loved by everybody. Best of all, you can even buy it online for a great discount!

The retailing price of the 3.4 oz bottle is selling at $80( it is really quite costly) but you can get it at less than $68 if you use the discount coupon at http://bestbeautycoupons.blogspot.com/. This means you will be able to save more for the same quantity! In addition, the 0.8 oz bottle is going at a price of less than $32! Really a huge bargain!!Try it today!

Pure Seduction Perfume
Pure Seduction Perfume

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