Pure Parfum

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Anyone know the value of the 1983 limited edition Salvador Dali “Le Parfum” 10oz crystal bottles?

I am very lucky to own one of the limited edition 10oz “Le Parfum Salvador Dali” crystal bottles. The bottle is HUGE (ten ounces of pure parfum) heavy and VERY beautiful, a sculptural work of art. My bottle is #979 of 5000 and is still in PERFECT condition, in its original double boxes, and full of the original parfum, which thanks to proper storage is still as it should be. I also have the hardback “Le Parfum Salvador Dali” book that came along with the bottle. These bottles retailed for $1,500 in 1983, and I’m very curious of its current day value. I can’t find much info on this bottle, If anyone has any info please let me know. Thanks :o)
Heres a link to a photo of the bottle. I placed a Dali 1oz (30ml) parfum bottle next to it to give an idea of its massive size (It weighs over ten pounds!)

I believe value is in the eyes of the beholder or shall I say the buyer?… perhaps you could find a collector of sort on Ebay? and perhaps on Yahoo!Auction… I myself own a 2oz. version and its priceless to me. Hope that helps

Pure Parfum
Pure Parfum

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