Prada Women Perfume

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What do you think of Prada perfume for women?

I got a gift certificate so I bought Prada Tendre for women as a set with the body lotion. Its very woodsy masculine scented. Do women really like this stuff? I’m looking for a high end trendy mod perfume (I’m 26), I usually wear Miss Cherie Dior and its fruity and woodsy and its still playful and girly. but I am looking for a winter fragnance and Prada turned out to be soo woodsy that its not feminine. Do guys really like this patochouli and amber smell on women or do they like more girly smells on women (such as Ralph Lauren Romance)? Do any of you like this smell of Prada tendre? Is this the trend in fragrance to have amber and patochouli for women because its very masculine. If you dont like Prada, I’m looking for a woodsy girly scent for winter, do you have any suggestions? I’m so torn if I like this or not!!!!!
I also liked the smell of Armani Code for women, but I’m not sure anymore, Suggestions Please, remember High end trendy perfume cuz I have a gift certificate

Hmm, no most men and women don’t like Prada. They will buy it because it’s Prada, but it’s not good. It’s too heavy and all I smell is patchouli. You might want to go for a warm woods and oriental perfume. Even a woodsy gourmand. Dior addict, lolita lempicka, chanel allure sensuelle, and Badgley Mischka . Some new ones for fall are Dior midnight poison, Pleasures delight, and comptoir sud pacifique caramel sunset. These all smell good! You just have to test or get samples to see which ones last on your skin and you also love the perfume. I almost bought Prada myself, so I know how you feel about buying that one. I just couldn’t do it once
I decided it’s for more mature women. Like 35-60 age range.

Prada Women Perfume
Prada Women Perfume

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