Pink Perfume

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Is there a perfume or body spray version of victoria’s secret drenched in pink lotion?

I love victoria’s secret drenched in pink lotion especially its scent and ive been wondering if there’s a perfume which has the same smell. Is there a drenched in pink perfume? I cant seem to find one..

It depends on what scent of victoria’s secret drenched in pink lotion you like. They come in a few different fragrances: soft & pure, fresh & clean, fruity & bright, warm & cozy, and sweet & tangy.

If you like the fresh & clean scent there is a perfume by Burberry that smells exactly like it! I don’t know which one it is, though.

The fruity & bright scent is a mixture of vanilla and blackberries. There is a perfume by bath & body works that is called “black raspberries and vanilla” that smells similar and even better than the victoria’s secret version. It comes in both a body spray and a perfume. Best of luck!

Pink Perfume
Pink Perfume

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