Pina Colada Candles

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Are you dreaming of pina colada’s in the middle of the day? Do you wish you never got back from your totally relaxing tour of the tropics? Here’s some great news. You don’t have to wait for your next holiday to experience the sunny ambiance of South American summers. All you need to do is create a tropical retreat that will make you relive those days in the sand over and over again.

Contrary to what many people believe there is no one single way to execute a tropical theme. So before heading out in the sun for some shopping, figure out if you want a spunky beach shack, a tranquil white beach house escape or the look of a tropical yet polished living space. If the beach house got the most number of votes, then the first big step is to color your walls in ultimate white. The same goes for those wooden floors, so get busy with that brush!

If you feel like leaving the floors alone for a while, then that’s absolutely fine. Wooden floors in a warm vibrant brown color provide an interesting contrast against those stark white walls. Tropical chic style demands an array of colors ranging from soothing greens, and pale yellows to rich tans for the walls. If you are looking for a more exciting burst of color, select golden yellows, bright greens and energetic blues! The floor should be done in a neutral shade so it doesn’t compete with the walls for attention. If you have a woven rug that fits the room, then this will be an instant problem-solver.

The type of furniture needed in tropical decor is virtually identical in all the three types we’ve discussed. Instead of small delicate pieces, large and comfortable furnishings are the musts. Rattan is a best-seller in this theme. You can purchase chairs and a chaise lounge in this material and complement them with plus-size pillows for an added comfort. If rattan is a rare find in your home, then you can substitute it with bamboo and wicker pieces. These materials also lend the same tropical air to a room. Another option includes using dark mahogany furnishings such as a mahogany desk or a dresser to add that sense of tropical richness.

As for the accessories, it will depend on the kind of tropical theme you desire. For instance, if you choose to adapt the beach house style then you can place exquisite shells in a large glass bowl or some candles in a setting of white sand. Tiger prints may be too much for this kind of theme, so ditch it altogether. If you want to pursue a tropical chic atmosphere, draw inspiration from jungle scenes and rainforests. How about palm prints on bed covers or window drapes? Add actual plants in the room for a more convincing effect; they’re also great for creating a healthy atmosphere in any home. Throw pillows and cushions are also nice to have lying around for a lazy, laidback mood. Do you prefer the colorful beach hut style? Place interesting driftwood sculptures, table ornaments or lamps. Hawaiian-inspired items will also look right at home in your space!

Before you start playing some Bob Marley tunes, you might want to check the condition of your windows first. Tropical retreats often take advantage of the extra sunshine to light up a room. Place sheer light-colored curtains or drapes to give the fantastic illusion of a warm tropical breeze just outside your window. If you want to control the amount of sunlight, you might still have to mount wooden shutters just in case the sun gets too playful.

Now how about another round of pina coladas? A toast to the tropics every day and not just during your holidays.

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Pina Colada Candles
Pina Colada Candles

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