Pick From Essential Oils

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essential oils for inducing labor?

I have lavendar,clary sage.tea tree,eucalyptus.That is all i have right now.I don’t have an emulsifier or oil burner,so how else can i burn these oils to be effective.Can i put drops in a jar candle? do i need to pick up more oils?Do i need a carrier oil? I am 11 days past due date and next week i am scheduled for a c- section if i don’t go into labor on my own.My doc did try to induce,but doesn’t want to try again.I do not want surgery.If anyone has used essential oil,aromatherapy and it worked please tell what to get and what i need to do?I have done almost anything natural to get labor going and nothing.This is my first baby and iam scared.I want at least the chance to go into labor and then if nothing happens,i don’t progress or the baby is too big,then by all means do the c-section,but i would at least like to try.Is there a chance i will never go into labor is there something wrong with me?

have you tried caulloplyllum? It’s homeopathic. 6 tablets under the tongue every hour until labor begins. (start early in the day).

Personally, I don’t think aromatherapy is going to do it. And I’m certified in aromatherapy 🙂 however I’m also on my fourth child/ pregnancy, and have been through what works and what doesn’t. If you really want to try it- get basil. But honestly- don’t count on much.

Have you done the Primrose oil, 2600 mg. up against the cervix (pierce the capsule first and let it dissolve. Two 1300 mg. caps.), up to 2-3 times a day at this stage of pregnancy? Can be taken orally at the same time. And Red raspberry combination (with cohosh, blessed thistle, squaw vine and red rasp. leaf? 3 capsules 3 x /day) If you are truly overdue and ready this works for the majority of women. Use the EPO and the red raspberry and at this point it should be effective within 48 hours. All the above can be used in conjunction with one another.

Pick From Essential Oils
Pick From Essential Oils

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