Pheromone Pheromones

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Pheromones were discovered in nineteen fifty-nine by Peter Karlson and Adolf Butenandt. Since their inception, they have been used on farms and in households worldwide. Research has shown that pheromones are a major factor in the animal world and can be produced in synthetic form.

What Are The Uses

Primarily used as a relaxant, they are used on domestic animals that are skittish or anxious. They are sold behind the counter and are in many different medications. Although the price range for synthetic pheromones vary, the cost is usually very reasonable.

Insects and animals produce pheromones. It is how they communicate with each other within a species. It is how they can tell each other apart, and how they alert each other to danger.

An animal that has just given birth sends out pheromones to her newborn that tells it who she is. The newborn then feels safe and secure with its environment because it senses the pheromone and knows that its mother is nearby.

What Are They Saying

Many experts advise that spraying your home with synthetic pheromones will help a new puppy or kitten acclimate better to the new home. They smell the pheromones and seem to adjust better to their new environment because of the familiar scent.

These pheromones also send out a warning to the animal when it is hungry or is in need of anything else. It is a way of protecting the animal and keeping it safe.

Types of Synthetic Pheromones

There are a great variety of pheromones, each designed for a specific purpose. The same holds true for synthetic pheromones. Be certain that you purchase the type of pheromone that you need for a specific purpose. Purchasing the wrong type of pheromone could have drastic consequences.

Many people question the safety of using synthetic pheromones. Scientific studies have indicated that there are no adverse effects of using them. There is no disruption to the natural behavior of the animals that it was tested on. Other scientific tests indicated that these pheromones actually enhanced the attitude of the test subject.

As with everything that is tested in the scientific community, there are some who believe that using this type of pheromone can be harmful and that nature should take its course.

These people are naturalists and belief that altering the natural order of nature will cause adverse effects that will be felt worldwide. Scientists however, feel that using synthetic pheromones will not be detrimental to the welfare of the world.

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Pheromone Pheromones
Pheromone Pheromones

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