Pheromone Attract

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Do the pheromone products advertized to attract women really work? ?

I am interested in finding out if anyone has had any experience with the various mail-order pheromone products used to attract women. I did some internet searches, but I just got websites with ads for pheromone products. Thanks in advance!

Yes…they do work….as long as you have a legitimate product. Most of the legitimate brands are sold by the online company Love Scent. However, the best pheromone products are made by an online company called Androtics Direct.

The best way to see this for yourself is to go to the Androtics Direct website and buy a small, “togo” bottle of their general attraction product, Ammunition. It’s about $12 and has enough in it to thoroughly test this out for yourself over several weeks time.

A good source of information on legitimate pheromone products is the Pherotalk Forum. The stick posts at the top of the forums have most of the information a pheromone user is looking for. If you use the search function on any product you might be considering, chances are, someone has tried it and reported their results, good or bad.

Pheromone Attract
Pheromone Attract

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