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Is Pherlure Pheromone cologne safe for teens to use?

I had a buddy tell me about something called Pherlure Cologne []. Its suppose to attract the other sex and I thought it would make an interesting experiment. I read around and noticed this cologne was targeted for older guys (22+ yrs) but were around 17-19yrs, i’m not so informed about pheromones yet, but would it be unwise to use Pherlure Cologne this early? It would just be for a short period of time.


I am very much of the opinion that Pherlure does nothing at all. At least I never noticed a single reaction using up my entire bottle testing it out. And I know what to look for with legitimate pheromone products that work.

Don’t waste your money on Pherlure. There are plenty of pheromone products out there that actually work…..and the real stuff works quite well. Basically, there are two reliable sources. Love Scent….which sells most of the legitimate products out there. And Androtics Direct…which sells its own products. I’m very much of the opinion that Androtics Direct products are the best.

A good source of info for which pheromone products have which effects is the Pherotalk Forum. Read the stickies at the top of the Men’s Forum:

If you want to test out a pheromone product on the cheap, Androtics Direct sells small “togo” bottles of many of their products. I’d recommend getting one of these of their Ammunition product. It has enough to test this stuff out for several weeks and see for yourself what effects it has. It’s also only like $12…..and no, younger men have absolutely no problem wearing these.

Pherlure Pheromone
Pherlure Pheromone

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