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The Amazing Daisy Marie

Author: Phoenix Delray

24 year old Daisy Marie is the porn starlet that has taken the adult industry by storm since two thousand and two. One quarter Filipino and three quarters Mexican, she was primarily raised in Salem, Oregon. That said, she also spent a significant amount of time in Zacatecas, Mexico with various members of her family.

Since she began her career as a porn and film star, Daisy Marie has been in more than two hundred adult films. Because of her ethnic background and multiple onscreen talents, she is one of the most in demand actresses around today.

Daisy Marie has a wide variety of sexual preferences, as seen in the movies roles she has taken on over the years. For example, she has done a significant number of lesbian only films for the Hustler Video production company. A fantastic example of this kind of film is Hot Showers Ten, which was directed by Clive McLean and costarring Ander Page, Eva Long, Naudia Nyce and Rio Mariah.

In 2003s Driving Ms. Daisy, Daisy Marie acted out her interracial fantasies. This 74 minute long film was directed by Digital DK and distributed by Video Team. Co stars Kenya and Steve Hatcher helped to make their threesome scene one of the sexiest ever made.

Unlike many other actresses involved in the adult industry, Daisy Marie has experienced quite a bit of mainstream crossover success. She has been featured on the Howard Stern Show twice, once in July two thousand three and again in November two thousdand four.

Besides pornographic movies, Daisy Marie has also posed for still photographs. Classic examples of her magazine work can be found in Cheri magazine as well as in the pictures taken by world renowned photographer Suze Randall. She is currently represented by the talent agency LA Direct Models.

In 2006, Daisy Marie appeared in the controversial music video Disco Inferno alongside artist 50 Cent. Additionally, she made her way to the finals of the second season of Jenna’s American Sex Star, a series shown on Playboy TV. While she didn’t ultimately win the competition, she did earn a job hosting All Nite Party Girls, also seen on Playboy TV.

A petite 36B-24-34, Daisy Marie only weighs 110 pounds. One of the little known facts about the sexy super star is that she has a twin sister (who, unfortunately, is not involved in the adult film industry). Today, Daisy continues to live in the Los Angeles, California area and continues to act in X rated movies.

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Petite Cherie
Petite Cherie

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