Perfume Rare

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Is Armani ‘splash’ perfume rare? How much is it selling for?

I recently found a boxed gift set of armani perfume in my wardrobe, the bottles are black with gold writing and the box is dark grey with gold spots. I cant seem to find the box set anywhere on the web, just the perfume which i found here –
but im not sure if that price is correct! Does anyone know how much a gift set of 35ml edt + 75ml perfumed body oil would sell for? This is what mine looks like –

Thanks for your help!

WOW! Do you have something there! Ive collected fragrances for about 20 years now, and I remember this scent very well, It was Giorgio Armani’s first fragrance for women, and was simply titled “ARMANI”, it was introduced in 1982 and it hasnt been in production for many years. I did a search on ebay and found the 1.7oz alone is “Buy it now” for $139.99. Theres a 3.4oz in a different style bottle (SAME scent!) listed for $349.99! All you have to do is search Armani under health and beauty, then select, Sort by: price: highest first. If you’re looking to sell it, Id say listing it on ebay is the way to do it. Good luck!

Perfume Rare
Perfume Rare

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