Perfume Parfum

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Is there any particular difference between parfum and perfume?

Are they two entirely different things, or just two entirely different words that mean the same thing?

Also just to ask since we are already on the topic of parfum/perfume, what makes it so expensive? When parfum/perfume was first created, it contained tons of natural essenses such as rose petals, oils and such (as many as 4 thousand rose petals for a good quantity of fragrance to be exact). Now, all fragrances are mainly chemicals. Therefore, the need for an extremley large quantity of natural essenses is uneeded, which takes away the cost of that to. Are the chemicals jsut expensive? Why are splashes cheaper?

Please and thank you.


parfum – french
perfume – english
The same meaning.
There are two different kinds of perfume:
1. eau de toilette (which is less concentrated, therefore stays on for shorter period of time)
2. eau de parfum (more concentrated, so it stays on longer)

Amswering your other question about the cost of the perfumes – nowadays they pretty much sell the brand name – another reason tons of celebrities creates their own lines of perfumes and such. Money, money, money.

Perfume Parfum
Perfume Parfum

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