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Joop Perfume – A Strong Contender

Author: Gen Wright

Joop’s perfume is a cost effective alternative to many of the higher end, and higher priced, fragrances on the market. This German company marries the fast paced lifestyle of its major metropolises with natural, floral hints and musky tones. With extensive lines for both men and women, this brand offers something for every individual and every occasion.

The opposing male and female fragrances, Homme and Femme, both compliment and contradict each other. Homme offers spicy, heavy notes to accentuate masculinity. This joining of spices, woodsy notes and Oriental scents creates a rich, sensual scent. Femme works against the strength of Homme by combining soft, floral scents. This is an equally sensual fragrance that maintains the Oriental undertones, but focuses on the soft and subtle aspects of the feminine.

Like the opposing Homme and Femme, THRILL Man and THRILL Woman play off each other. THRILL Man has poignant notes of amber and cedarwood, which play up the masculine. The fragrance is finished with a layer of cool lavender, designed to attract and seduce. THRILL Woman overemphasizes the feminine with fruity notes designed to imitate innocence. This feigned innocence is layered with a sexy splash of vanilla, to mark seduction and desire.

Joop’s other feminine fragrances, including Muse and All About Eve, follow the lead of Femme and THRILL Woman by accentuating the feminine. These perfumes are based upon all things womanly, from sweet fruit to alluring florals. They aren’t too sweet, though, as each has an exotic accent to add excitement and strength. Even with the strong accents, these fragrances are not overpowering and are appropriate for day, evening or special events, making Joop perfumes the perfect choice for women seeking a new signature scent.

Perfumes such as Go and Nightflight carry on the precedent set by Homme and THRILL Man. These heavy, masculine scents provide the perfect blend of fun, sensuality and warmth. Through the coupling of the traditionally masculine spicy and woodsy with modern interpretations of sexuality using florals like lavender, Joop’s masculine fragrances offer today’s man scents to fit his busy life. Joop offers fragrances from the playful to the mysterious, allowing for a scent that changes with the occasion or the mood or a consistent, masculine signature.

Despite Joop’s lack of widespread popularity as a fragrance, it is still a strong contender for a spot in every man or woman’s fragrance collection. These variety and scope of scents, make Joop a must have for anyone who craves a flexible, all around excellent scent that works with them throughout the day , while the unique and beautiful pairings will impress even the most refined fragrance tastes. These provocative scents should not be overlooked by anyone searching for that perfect perfume. Add Joop to your personal perfume collection and enjoy the variety.

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Perfume Homme
Perfume Homme

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