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Men’s Perfume Buying Guide

Author: Catherine Tyler

Buying your perfume is definitely not a piece of cake. With the large number of brands and perfume types to choose from, purchasing perfumes can prove to be a very stressful task. But harder still is to buy perfume for the man or men in your life!

If your man already has a favorite perfume, which you absolutely love, you can just purchase the very same men perfume. If you happen to hate that smell, you can also consider scouting for a new perfume you like and which you think he will like and keep your fingers crossed that he will eventually love (which means, tada old perfume!).

There are tips that one can bear in mind in scouting for that perfect men perfume. The first is to know your man. What type of personality does he have? What kind of lifestyle does he lead? Or better yet, what memories does he have that could put a smile on his face?

Take note that our sense of smell is connected to our memories. This means that the power of scent is that it can greatly influence one’s mood and disposition by triggering memories associated with the perfume scent. For example, the musky men perfume scent can conjure images of his wild camping days with his dad or maybe the clean smell of Old Spice brings back good old memories with his beloved Grandpa.

Take note of his future activities and even his closet-yes, his closet. Men wear different scents, depending on the activity and depending on their wardrobe. Some experts believe that the way you dress and even your skin tone can affect the perfume scent. For example, a Saturday drive to the nearby town, dressed in shirt, jeans and sneakers, will be better off with a citrus scent. A hot dinner date will be better off with a spicy scent. Does he have a lot of outdoor activities lined up or will there be more coat-and-tie events to attend to in the next coming weeks? Having an idea as to your man’s activities will help guide you in choosing which perfume scent to purchase.

If you have enough moolah to splurge however, you can just opt to buy scents in three main categories- citrus, green and spicy. Chances are, your man will need to wear different perfumes depending on his mood, activity and attire. To buy all three perfume scents would mean that you have just completed his perfume arsenal.

The best test however is to test the perfume scent on your man. If you can’t get him to shop with you, or if you plan on giving it as a surprise, you can choose to buy the 1.7 oz. bottle which is a safe option- not too small and not too big. If he does not like it, you can always do something else with it (maybe use it as a potpourri scent) and if he adores it, well, you can always purchase the bigger bottle next time!

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Perfume Buy
Perfume Buy

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