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Perfume Bottles – Designs And Shapes Seduction

Author: Raymond Nwambuonwo

Why do elegant perfume bottles captivate and seduce us so much? While many wonderful fragrances come in interesting and beautiful fragrance bottles, you don’t have to leave your perfumes in the perfume bottles they came in. For some the scents that the bottles contain are the real prize but the bottles themselves seduce with their shapes and colors. There is something elegant about a vanity or dresser that is lined with perfume bottles. The perfume bottle appeals to our sense of sight and touch.

There are Very close to twenty-one thousand different perfumes being marketed at any one time, and that means there must be an estimated twenty-one thousand different perfume bottle designs aimed at attracting the consumer’s eye. Perfume bottle making is big business, and the leader in the perfume bottle making industry dating back to the nineteenth century is a company called Pochet SA of France.

Reuse Your Favorite Perfume Bottles

Fragrance bottles are essential for keeping the scent for a longer period of time as the perfume can evaporate and needs airtight containers so that the quantity does not reduce when not in use. The best perfume bottles are those made from colored glass or some other opaque material so that the perfume does not get evaporated by sunlight. Lately, porcelain is widely used in making perfume bottles and many shapes are given to it like nuts, balls and eggshells.

Limited edition fragrance bottles are sometimes produced by manufacturers. These bottles are so gorgeous that it is hard to give them up when you have finished with the perfume inside. Don’t throw them away, carefully refill them and continue using them. You can find many older novelty fragrance bottles from companies such as Avon and fill them with your favorite perfume. If you browse around an antique store, you might come across a few gorgeous or old fashioned stopper perfume bottles. Wash them out thoroughly and let them dry for a few days before you place your new perfume in these golden oldies. When you purchase an antique bottle or atomizer, always make sure that the stopper is tight so that your perfume won’t evaporate from the bottle.

Make New Perfume Bottles

If you desire and you enjoy adventure, consider taking a glass blowing class and making your own perfume bottle from scratch. Working under the supervision of master artists you can make something that is indeed beautiful and unlike anything anyone else will have or have seen.

By taking a trip to your local beauty supply shop or even a glass manufacturer you can find several different looking atomizers and bottles that can be used to store perfume. If you buy a plain bottle, you can decorate it to your own taste by using colored tissue paper to the bottle to create a stained glass look. Try painting the bottle with stained glass paint or even fabric paint for a textured look. You can also glue beads or other decorations to a perfume bottle to make it truly unique.

Collectors have emerged, dedicated to finding and purchasing perfume bottles of every conceivable variety. The International Perfume Bottle Association with thousands of members dedicated to putting perfume bottle enthusiasts in contact with each other so that they can find those designs that are truly unique.

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Perfume Bottle
Perfume Bottle

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