Peppermint Oil Essential Oils

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what is the difference between essential oils or plain oils?

what is the difference between peppermint oil, and essential peppermint oil, or like, Lavender Essential oil and Lavender oil. does it matter which ones i use? are the uses still the same? if a recipe calls for peppermint oil can i use peppermint essential oil instead ( a cosmetical recipe) please help!

Plain or “Fragrance” oils do not disclose the ingredients used in making. You may not be getting the concentration you need, nor a purely “Lavender” ingredient makeup.

Essential oils are highly concentrated. They are what we would call “Pure” – usually completely pure of the ingredient mentioned on the label.

If a recipe calls for peppermint oil, you can use peppermint essential oil instead (usually people ask the vice-versa), however, because the essential oil is less diluted than the plain (or “fragrant”) oil, it is not possible to know exactly how much less of the essential oil will work for the recipe.

The highest concentration of essential oils in your blend should be less than 20% proportional to the base alcohol or oil, which is actually the classic French perfume concentration ratio.

(20 drops total (adding up all essential oils used) for 4 mL base)

I’d say since it is a cosmetic recipe (perfume?), mix in adjusted to preference, but it will more likely be significantly lower amount needed.

Peppermint Oil Essential Oils
Peppermint Oil Essential Oils

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