Peace Calming Essential Oils

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Are Young Living essential oils blends like Thieves, Joy, Peace & Calming & Valor worth their prices?

They’re soooo expensive !!! Is that justified by their quality or is it a rip off?

So as far as cost goes their consistent potency and high quality make them more than a great deal for us.

I used to think essential oils were a scam, until I broke a rib and was in so much pain that I let them be used on me. Pain almost disappeared in less than two hours, and I’ve been using them ever since!

Currently we use Young Living oils at home, and I use them in my massage and natural health practice. I haven’t found any brand better! I had to use a few other brands in school, even though I would still bring my Young Living oils with me. Fellow students complained that after smelling my YL oils, they thought their oils smelled rancid =o) The other brands’ were not as effective either.

We have used them in my family for everything from cuts and scrapes to calming screaming babies to asthma and more, and wouldn’t use anything else!

Peace Calming Essential Oils
Peace Calming Essential Oils

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