Parfume Spray

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what is the difference between an eau de parfume and an eau de parfume spray?

You mean eau de toilette?
Eau de parfume has a slightly higher oil concentration, so it’s supposed to last longer on you.
However, realistically speaking, you can’t really tell the difference between the two. The change in concentration is very low, usually around 3%. This is just a marketing tactic so that designers would get more money out of their customers.

I work in a perfume place and when people ask me which one is better from the two I always tell them to go for the toilette, unless they feel like throwing some money away.

I would suggest you go to a perfume place and try out both types, and see if you notice a big enough difference worth the extra money. Most people can’t tell, but there are some that only use the perfume.

Parfume Spray
Parfume Spray

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