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So, you want to pick out a new designer perfume, but not too sure what you want. This happens a lot, believe it or not. You as a person have your own name, own style, own personality completely different and separate from anyone else. You are a unique person; your own individual. Your creativity is linked to your sense of style; your sense of flair linked to your own bubbly personality.

You already know what kind of clothes you like to wear and what kind of people you like to hang out with. But now is a unique question: what do you want to smell like? There are so many perfumes out there not to mention musks, misks, deodorants, sprays, cremes, and the like. These days in fact it seems the market is flooded with beauty and fashion products, and trying to figure out which one you want or need can be confusing. But fear not! Below we break it down which works for what person, being creme, musk, misk, deodorant and the like. We even get into sprays and roll-on deodorants.

This guide below applies to both men and women.

If you sweat a lot

For people that sweat a lot, no matter what sex you are, you will want a roll-on deodorant stick. Roll-on deodorants provide more protection and will last longer then a spray-on because of the manner it is applied to the skin. A roll-on deodorant stick such as Speed Stick pride their product on the fact that it will last longer then other deodorants.

Perfumes vs Body Sprays vs Deodorants

Body spray and deodorant (if it is spray on) are very similar products. However, deodorants and body sprays differ from perfume. Deodorant and body spray is meant to mask the natural odor produced from the body while perfume is meant to go on top of deodorant. Many people will prefer to wear a roll-on deodorant and then a perfume on top of that, but few will wear a perfume and no deodorant at all.

Going to a day event

If you are going to an event during the day, it is usually best to have a shower, then apply a deodorant after the shower, or use a shower creme during the shower. Axe shower gel is a great product because the scent from the gel will stay on the skin after the shower as well. If you are going to a lengthy day event bring some perfume, musk or cologne. And if you will be working out or exercising we recommend roll on deodorant over the spray.

Going to a night event

When you go out at night things tend to be more formal, and often you’ll want to make more of an impression (like going out on a date, or visiting the night club). In this case we recommend either roll-on or spray deodorant/body spray (such as Axe) and then a fragrance over top. Myself I like to spray on some Axe after the shower and then put on some cologne on top of that.

Some people prefer not to layer – layering meaning putting on a body spray then a perfume over top. If you are layering you have to be very careful your two scents do not contrast greatly. For instance, wearing a body spray that smells like raspberry and then wearing a strong Swiss Army cologne on top would likely create two very contrast scents that would repel one another.

Written by Mark Berger of Fragrances 101 – Designer perfumes and more

Parfume Fragrance
Parfume Fragrance

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