Parfum Samples Women’s Fragrance

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Do you Know the Differences Between the Many Varieties of Fragrances?

Author: Mike Taylor

It seems like every time I go shopping at the mall I am always asked if I want to try on the latest cologne by some nicely dressed person. Sometimes I avoid them by steering clear of the fragrance counter but often times they are positioned right inside the front door of the store and there is no escaping them. I’m just kidding of course, they really don’t bother me, but it did get me wondering exactly what were the differences between cologne and perfume?

I did a little online research and found that a scent is classified according to how much pure scent is used in the final fragrance. But before I list these classifications you need to know the three main components that make up your signature scent:

Scent Can be made from thousands of different compounds and serves as the base for the final fragrance. Often these are very complex potions of spices, flowers, fruits and even some animal scents like musk. Highly trained perfumers called “noses” are responsible for designing these fragrant aromas.

Fixatives Are used to keep the scent stable so it will last long after purchase.

Solvents Control bacterial growth and maintains an even product consistency. Alcohol is the most commonly used solvent today.

The amount of scent used in a given product is what determines the classification of the fragrance:

Regular scented products Are usually one to two percent pure scent. Aftershaves and hand lotions are examples of this type of product.

Eau de Cologne – Contains between two and three percent scent and is used mostly for men’s colognes and lighter women’s fragrances.

Eau de Toilette – Has between five and twenty percent pure scent.

Eau de Parfum Contains between ten and thirty percent scent.

Parfum Also known as perfume, Parfum contains between 20 and 40 percent scent and is the most concentrated as well as the most expensive of fragrances. A tiny drop of perfume will go a long way and should always be applied sparingly.

Now that you know what the differences are between the various fragrance groupings the next time you are approached at the mall to try on a sample ask them what type of product they are promoting and see if they can answer it. Incidentally, if you do try on a fragrance sample wait at least 10 minutes before making a decision to buy so the fragrance has time to react with your body.

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Article Source: ArticlesBase.comDo you Know the Differences Between the Many Varieties of Fragrances?

Parfum Samples Women’s Fragrance
Parfum Samples Women’s Fragrance

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