Organza Givenchy Women’s Fragrance

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Givenchy Perfume – Simply Luxurious

Author: Raymond Nwambuonwo

Givenchy is a name to remember if you know what luxury implies. The Givenchy organization sells perfumes, cosmetics, and many accessories. The company was formed in 1952 by Mr. Hubert de Givenchy. He was a tireless leader for four decades. The best selling fragrances by Givenchy are: eau de Givenchy, Givenchy gentleman, Givenchy pour home, hot couture, organza, and many more.

Eau de Givenchy is for women and was created in 1980. It has soft, floral scent. The fragrance smells lovely and the scent will not overpower you. You can definitely smell the blend of lily, jasmine and a touch of woody and musky base in the scent. It mostly recommended for daytime use. Amazingly the aroma gets stronger with wear.

The Givenchy gentleman was created in 1974 and it is one the oldest by the organization. The fragrance is perfect for the office scene and can also be used for evening wear. While the scent is strong it is not overpowering. Be prepared for the kind compliments. Givenchy gentleman contains tarragon, cinnamon, patchouli, and a touch of civet.

Givenchy pour home was created in 2002. This is cologne for men. It is light and cool, but also has a sensual and addictive side to it. The scent is fresh with green herbs, exotic spices, balms, cool fruits and woody. The fragrance has lasting power and very sensual to the senses. Females love this one on you – guys.

Hot Couture perfume for women was launched in 2000. This well made fragrance by Givenchy is a floral, oriental fragrance that is wonderful for evening wear. The raspberry note gets its way through the veil of amber vetiver and magnolia with a subtle touch of pepper.

It has raspberry and amber notes, mixed with pepper, although raspberry dominates at first, the pepper and vanilla mix in to make it a perfect fragrance. Like a rare couture gown, this fragrance is an original, artful creation. Hot Couture perfume contains the following Notes: Raspberry, Amber, Vetiver, Magnolia, Pepper, and Vanilla.

Hot couture was launched in 2000 and the celebration was well attended by the well to do and press media. It is for women and perfect for evening use. It has a touch of floral and oriental in the fragrance. It is blended with raspberry, amber, magnolia, pepper and vanilla. The scent is perfect and most ladies will to own one.

Organza was introduced in 1996 and has a sharp smell to it. The fragrance grabs you and pulls you towards the wearer. It is made with a blend of honeysuckle, amber, nutmeg, vanilla, gardenia and it is recommended for daytime use.

The bottle is just as pretty. Ladies only wear organza when you want to turn heads, create excitement and mesmerize guys. I am telling you, it has the power to bring you hugs from new admirers. Be careful, it is very sensual and seductive. Be warned guys will eat you up!

Finding Givenchy perfume is easy, if you know where to look. Start your search online for the best deals. Make sure the online store only sells originals.

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Organza Givenchy Women’s Fragrance
Organza Givenchy Women’s Fragrance

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