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Guide to Buying Fragrances

Author: Gen Wright

Investing the time and money into finding the right fragrance can be a difficult, expensive and time consuming venture for many. There are so many products on the market that it can get very overwhelming at times. Here is a simple yet complete guide on how to get started when shopping for a new fragrance. Use these tips accordingly, and you will be able to avoid the confusion and avoid getting that overwhelmed feeling.

It is of paramount importance to remember that the perfume you are shopping for is for you. Do not go out and buy a popular perfume just because your good friend is obsessed with it or because you have heard great things. The scent of a perfume and the way it smells on your body is a very unique thing and it is important to match the perfect perfume to your tastes and desires. While it can be helpful to take advice from others and seek information, remember that the final decision is yours and you are the one that will have to smell the scent over and over again, day in and day out.

Your fragrance is a way for you to express yourself. It is not just a good smell anymore but it is a simple of your taste and your emotion. A lot of things can be learnt about someone by the perfume that they choose to wear and it is important to choose a fragrance that represents you as well as possible.

Essentially there are three emotions or moods given off by certain scents. There are classic perfumes, sensual perfumes and delicate perfumes. Deciding on which of these emotions you want to convey is the first step you should take when searching for a new fragrance. Classic scents are popular, timeless and can be described as a safe, dependable scent. Sensual scents are daring and exude self confidence. If this is the emotion you want to convey then you should look at perfumes such as Chanel’s “Opium” or “Chance.” They are newer perfumes that take a more daring approach on older Chanel classics. Delicate Perfumes are gentle and more airy that others. They are less obvious and powerful than other perfumes and offer more of a subtle, delightful smell.

Once you have decided on which mood you want to convey, then it is time to search, test and compare until you find a fragrance that suits you best. It is of utmost importance that you choose a fragrance that identifies with who you are. Choose a scent based on how it makes you feel and how it smells on your own body. You will benefit the most from a perfume that relates to your style, ambitions and desires. The more positively a fragrance identifies with your personality, the better you will feel about it and the better it will make you feel in the end.

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Opium Fragrance
Opium Fragrance

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