Oils Peace Essential Oils

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Oil mixes? Can I add pure essential oils to smokeless and orderless liquid lamp oil?

Peace ♥

Do you mean to put it into an oil lamp that you would use for light??
if so it would not put the goodness of the oil into the air.
it will not burn right and it will smoke and make a mess of every thing in your place and it will stink

you need an aroma therapy lamp or a diffuser
you can get them at wal-mart.
I have found that the basin to put the oil is very small and you can not keep it going for long and the oils burn
you can not add allot of water and if you try to add some more as it burns off it splatters every where.

I have found that putting a glass sauce dish ( will hold about 1/3 cup of liquid) on top of it instead of the small dish that it comes with it works fine.

Oils Peace Essential Oils
Oils Peace Essential Oils

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