Oil Aromatherapy for Candles

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I want to open a natural store with candles, oils, etc. how do I start?

I would like to have it a place where people can have a one stop shop for all thier natural needs. For instance, body oils, aromatherapy candles, vitamin supplements, bath and body products, natural hair care products.

Once you have clearly defined what goods and or services you wish to sell you need to take a few steps to do this properly and professionally.

First, you must first write out a business plan. That plan should realistically show costs. Cost of materials and goods (inventory), labor, taxes, insurance, rent, utilities, advertising, etc. Really do your homework on this and ask other business owners lots of questions. Once you have identified costs you will have an idea of how much revenue (sales) you need to generate to cover costs and make a profit.

Next, you must consult an attorney and an accountant. They will be happy to help you incorporate and set up a good accounting system.

When you open your doors you must offer a quality product at a fair price with great customer service.

Good luck!!

Oil Aromatherapy for Candles
Oil Aromatherapy for Candles

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