Obsession Men

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What is with the female obsession with kicking men in the balls?

okay, it may not be an obsession, but it’s normally the first port of call for any female attack on a man.

The testicles are symbols of male power, strength, and dominance. They secrete the hormones that make a guy big, strong, and aggressive.

One of the great ironies in nature is that the “BALLS” should also serve as the male’s weakest part, dangling delicately and unprotected under his “penetrating assault weapon” during an attempted rape.

In self defense against sexual assault, the “weaker sex” has the ability to turn the stronger assailant into a helpless baby by targeting this area. That’s what all girls are taught when learning about the “facts of life.”

This is sweet, poetic justice for all women !!!

Obsession Men

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