Noa Cacharel Perfume

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Signature Tova, Bill Blass Nude, and Cacharel Noa Perfume wearers?

If you wear any of these perfumes, please let me know of some additional fragrances I may enjoy since these are my absolute favorites! Thanks in advance….and to pay my respect here are some additional fabulous fragrances you may enjoy as well:

Bath & Body Works:
Japanese Cherry Blossom
Coconut Lime Berdena
*You can also mix these two for a fabulous fragrance also*


Bill Blass:

i have only used the bath and body works stuff. and i have both the japanese cherry blossom and the coconut lime verbena. but they aren’t my favorites.

my favorite is brown sugar and fig, which is almost in the same family of scents as the other two. it’s really musky almost and it just smells amazing. sweet cinnamon pumpkin also smells amazing it reminds me alot the the brown sugar and fig and it’s really warm and pleasant smelling as well.

the fruit based one i love is midnight pomegranate. it’s extremely strong and you can smell it from far away, but it’s not a bad kind of strong because it smells so nice and fresh and fruity and just all together girl. i also love the classic cucumber melon.

rice flower and shea is also one of my favorites, it has a very interesting almost undescribable scent that some say smells like playdough but i find it more of a baby scent. i dont know. it’s sorta strange but it smells so good. i love it.

from the christmas collection vanilla bean noel is i really nice scent. i’m sure you would love this one.

Noa Cacharel Perfume
Noa Cacharel Perfume

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