Nicole Miller Women’s Fragrance

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Nicole Miller – Fabulous and Elegant Perfumes

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Elegant designs appealing to the elitist customer — that is what fashion house Nicole Miller is to the fashion industry. The company is popular for coming out with the best and most beautifully designed clothes for the design elites of America. Like the clothes it rolls out, the company’s Nicole Miller perfumes are as fabulous and as elegant as the other lines of products bearing the brand.

Nicole Miller was the person behind the fashion house. She was born in Massachusetts in 1952. As a home grown fashion designer, Ms. Miller attended the Rhode Island School of Design and the Canmbre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. She started designing her own lines of clothes in 1982 as a freelancer.

Ms. Miller decided to open her own boutique using her namesake in 1986. The Nicole Miller brand was born and started awing and gaining patronage from Hollywood celebrities. The company is written in history as among the pioneer in actively signing icons and celebrities as endorsers and models.

Among the popular actresses and celebrities who have been wearing Nicole Miller clothes are Jessica Simpson, Kim Cattrall, Daryl Hannah, Jennifer Aniston and the controversial hotel heiress Paris Hilton. Call it a marketing strategy, but the technique really worked wonders for the company. In the middle of the 1990s, Nicole Miller started the trend of preferring to have actresses and celebrities wear signature design clothes instead of ramp models.

Thus, Jill Hennessy, Gretchen Mol and Minnie Driver became among the first actresses to ever have roles as actresses- models. On the downside, traditional ramp and fashion models were displaced by the company in print and runway efforts to advertise and promote its lines of products.

Nicole Miller perfumes are equally scheming in its efforts to promote itself and make its niche in the global perfume sector. Like the fashion house designs, the fragrances used non traditional and non conventional means to make its presence felt in the industry. Thus, the fragrances are well distinct and are holding their own spot.

Some of the most popular fragrances from the company include Nicole Miller Women, Nicole, Nicole Miller Perfume, Nicole Miller Men and Nicole Miller Cologne. Tag prices can be as reasonable as two-digit figures reaching to three-digits in some specific lines.

Buying Nicole Miller perfumes has fewer hassles. The items can be readily bought from major retailers and perfumes distributors all around the world. The items are also put on sale though the numerous online shopping stores and electronic auctioneering sites. Tag prices vary depending on the distribution mode. Some online sites offer free shipment.

Nicole Miller perfumes are really buzz worthy just like the numerous celebrities who enjoy using them. If you aim to dress like your favorite Hollywood celebrity, wear Nicole Miller clothes. If you want to smell like them, you know Nicole Miller perfumes are available to help you do so. The next time you go out to buy fragrances for yourself, check out and try Nicole Miller perfumes and be prepared to be mesmerized and mesmerize.

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Nicole Miller Women’s Fragrance
Nicole Miller Women’s Fragrance

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