NIB Rare

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Are there practical uses for NIB/rare earth magnets aside from playing with their awesome magnetic strength?

I usually salvage these NIB magnets from old computers’ dead hard drives. They are cool to fiddle with because of their super magnetic power. These rare earth magnets are the strongest magnets to date. They are even dangerous for they can painfully pinch or injure you if caught in between them. Aside from playing with them or using them to fix stuff in place or hold screws/nails or tools, I am wondering about other practical uses. Some have suggested attaching them to car fuel lines for fuel economy. Research on the net seems to debunk this theory. Help! Thanks.

I use them often to pick up sharp screws or nails from containers.
Use them to identify metals.
Hold thin,non metallic parts together while gluing.
Make small DC motors.
Hold them up to your TV screen while it’s on.

NIB Rare

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