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Women’s Perfume – 6 Fragrance Families for Women

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Make A Positive First Impression Using Perfume Or Women’s Perfume

Perfume is a mixture of fragrant essential oils and aroma compounds, fixatives and solvents that give off a pleasant smell. Apropos it is a blend of substances made from a combination of essences, extracts of flowers, plant oils, synthetic materials or other natural sources. Perfumes are being manufactured more and more frequently with synthetic chemicals rather than natural oils.

Perfume is very popular in world culture, so much so that its uses and applications continue to expand. You can spot it everywhere around you, in perfumes, in cosmetics and in household products and today, most perfume is used to scent bar soaps.

Perfume is designed to blend with your natural body odors to create a unique subtle scent that is your signature. It is like an exotic story which weaves the tale of fragrances around our body. Top notes are scents that can be detected immediately after application; they form that critical “first impression”. Some think that, perfume is a way of expressing person’s personality, but ironically, is supposed to make you more appealing.

The best way of choosing a perfume is to spray it onto the inside of the wrist and then rub over the area with the hand in order to raise the temperature. Perfumes that contain quality ingredients are expensive and it is very important that when you wear yours, you feel great. A huge amount of perfume is sold as presents, notably at Christmas, so the sellers have to seek packaging that will look good and appealing as a gift.

Women’s Perfume 6 Fragrance Families

Women’s perfume is a billion dollar business and is a staple in the fragrance industry. The women’s perfume is described as a sparkling woody floral scent and is far too sweet. This is a sure fire gift winner with almost every woman. Women’s perfume is a matter of compatibility, because what one person loves another person hates.

Tip: Several online sites have a wide catalogue of women’s perfumes, so check if women’s perfume is for sale as immediate purchase or as an auction item, and use PayPal for free protection on your purchases.

Buying women’s perfume can be confusing when there are so many different options out there, but if you are overwhelmed by the available choices, a good way to pick women’s perfume is to select a fragrance family that matches your personality. There are different perfumes for different types of women.

Most women’s perfumes fit into one of six fragrance families: fresh, fruity, floral, foody, oriental, or woody (also known as chypre). Most fruity fragrances have citrus notes such as lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit, although apple, grape, cherry, peach and raspberry are also popular choices for fruity women’s perfume. Women who love fruity fragrances are usually outgoing optimists. Floral fragrances are self-explanatory; one or more flowers are the dominant notes in these women’s perfumes, with rose, jasmine, gardenia, and tuberose being the most popular. Floral fragrances are favored by feminine and romantic women. Foody fragrances appeal to women who are nurturing and affectionate. Women who prefer woody scents are likely to be free-spirited and earthy.

The use of women’s perfume still remains the attraction of the opposite sex as romance and seduction will also be the purpose of women in general and of perfumes also. Women’s perfumes are an integral part of the world of women’s fashions.

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Natural Spray Women’s Fragrance
Natural Spray Women’s Fragrance

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