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It is a well known fact that nature bestows beauty upon its creations in an innately uncomplicated way. However beauty enhancers like cosmetics and other products have ruled the roost in the cosmetics industry, since ages. A majority of the populace across the globe are lapping up beauty products with an uncanny ease that would take you by surprise. Among the most loved beauty products of all time, is the Perfume.

Ever imagined food without aroma or household products lacking the fragrance which almost justify their purpose? What would a bathing soap smell like without the characteristic perfume? Would you like to use a floor cleaner devoid of any fragrance? You can well imagine the importance of fragrance when it concerns self grooming.

Perfume therefore has become an integral part of our lives and its origin according to research dates back to 1000BC when the Egyptians incorporated it into their culture. This was followed by the Chinese, Hindus, Carthaginians, Arabs, Greeks, and Romans.

Depending on the composition of fragrances, they are classified as

  • Perfume
  • Eau de Parfum
  • Eau de Toilette
  • Eau de Cologne

The costliest form of fragrance is perfume, with 22% of essential oils and the least expensive is the Eau de Cologne with a meager 4% of essential oils.

Perfumes not only constitute the beauty enhancing component but have been used as an accessory, a mood enhancer and its therapeutic utility dates back to the twentieth century. Aroma therapy has since emerged as a new age healing technology.

The most famous luxury brands of fragrances are Elizabeth Arden, Calvin Klein, Eau De Cartier and Nina Ricci. If you are looking for affordable brands then perfumes/deodorants from Nike, Adidas, Revlon, Omani, Jovan Musk and certain fragrances endorsed by stars are a must have. Perfumes and deodorants endorsed by celebrities are in vogue especially among the youth.

In the Indian market, the highly affordable deodorants have an edge over perfumes, due to novelty, better consumption, changing trends, affordability and diverse branding that is innate to cost effective perfumes. Perfumes are indeed accessories that speak volumes about a person’s tastes. Lately it has become a criterion for the assessment of an individual’s style quotient.

You may procure the perfume of your choice at a physical store. But e-shopping is certainly the most convenient and sought after process for procuring commodities. A shopper gets to see a wide array of perfumes, deodorants and cologne sprays, all within the same site. The collection ranges from customary, regular wear perfumes, to exotic designer perfumes, you name it and you are bound to find it here. Apart from buying these exotic fragrances for self, one could also procure them as gifts for several occasions.

The next time you want to purchase a bottle of perfume, and wish to compare the prices for the diverse brands available, trust online marts. You may end up getting best buys at astonishingly discounted rates. Wish to procure perfume as a gift? No points for guessing the best place to shop

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Musk Fragrance
Musk Fragrance

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