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Princess Diana did not become a glamorous princess overnight. The first public photos of her in the newspapers showed a pretty, shy girl with a sweet smile. Making public appearances and public speaking was not always easy for Diana. And she was too shy to speak in public.

Gradually she would become one of the most photographed women in the world. For many people who remember her, she remains the Queen of Style. Everything she wore, from her handbags and shoes, hats and jewelry and even jeans, was scrutinized and commented on.

How did Lady Di, a shy young girl, transform into the international fashion icon?

Princess Diana was always conscious of dressing appropriately, having learnt to master the art of how to dress diplomatically. She developed a finely tuned sense of the right clothes for the occasion and place. She would wear an Escada coat to visit Germany, a Yuki dress to meet the Japanese Emperor Hirohito, a Chanel suit to Paris. She would always visit hospitals and sick children wearing something bright and cheerful. One particular floral dress created by Bellville Sassoon was her favorite “working dress” for visiting children. Princes Di noticed that it had a particular positive effect on children, who obviously loved the color very much. She wore it frequently over a period of five years in spite of the critical articles in the press about her having worn the same outfit for so long.

Much of what made Princess Diana very popular and beloved by people was her modern approach to her own life, both public and private. As with the other great style icons of our time, she was able to look cool and chic in the simplest attire.

After her divorce, Lady Di changed. Once she became an independent woman, this added a different tint to her style. Over the last two years of her life the Princess style and the choices she had made in her life transformed her into the international style icon. She started wearing clothes from foreign designers more often, including Versace, Valentino, John Galliano, Ungaro, Lacroix, Ferraud and Moschino. Her new image was young and confident. Her unique sense of style was finally able to shine out.

However, it was not what she wore, but the way she wore it that was really important – she looked as stylish in a pair of jeans, as she did in a couture ball gown. The famous Princess Diana style had much more to do with the twinkle in her eye and her smile that made everyone who knew her or who came into her life feel at ease.

The most famous dresses of the Princess Diana sold at Christie’s auction in 1997, raised more than $3 million, and additional $2.5 million from catalog sales and fund-raising events, went for various charities. Princess Diana biography in fashion is a remarkable story of the Queen of Style, who always used her image for the benefit of others.

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Moschino Couture
Moschino Couture

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