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Moschino – Signature Perfumes

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What do Uma Thurman, Natalie Imbruglia, Kylie Minogue and Nicole Kidman have in common? All of these beautiful ladies are fond of wearing signature clothing designs from the fashion house Moschino. Founded by the Italian fashion designer Franco Moschino in 1983, the company was an expanded fashion and accessories center that has several brands of clothes, accessories and fragrances.

Clothing designed and distributed by Moschino has distinct characteristics of being unique, sexy, classical and whimsical all at the same time. Fashion experts note that Moschino garments are always dashing with practical humor, though there is much sense and aesthetic appeal to them.

For instance, the Milan-based fashion house was responsible for the clothing worn by performers in the Winter Olympics of 2006 in Torino, Italy. In the said occasion, performers were clad in outfits that were inspired and designed after the mountains of Turin.

In 2005, one of Kylie Minogue’s most talked about concert tour called ‘Showgirl’ was supported and dressed by Moschino. The greatest hits tour of Kylie Minogue was turned into an impressive show of distinct, yet unique and highly fashionable clothes designed exclusively by Moschino.

Knowing the man behind Moschino would help further understand the drive behind the company. Franco Moschino (deceased) was born in 1950 in Milan, Italy. He started his fashion career as a neophyte fashion sketcher for the popular clothing firm Giorgio Armani. Known for his disrespect for conventional fashion, Mr. Moschino strived to come out with designs that defy the normal, and as so, was able to establish a niche in the fashion world of his own.

In 1987, Moschino launched its own fragrance line for women. The following year, the company introduced its diffusion line; it initially called Cheap & Chic. Since then, Moschino perfumes became to the fragrance sector what the brand is to the clothing industry. Moschino perfumes simply stood out to be unique and distinct from the rest of the perfumes on the market. Its simplicity and uniqueness was defiant of the usual. Indeed, that was a Moschino trademark.

Proof of its uniqueness was a running joke when malaria spread like epidemic in Italy in the 1990s and early 2000s. The joke said that spraying Moschino perfumes was a sure way of repelling the deadly and nasty mosquitoes that spread the disease. The expensive perfume did not react to the joke, but it was said that such humor helped Moschino perfumes further find and mark its own perfume niche.

To date, Moschino perfumes are one of the most expensive and most sought-after. The fragrances are being distributed globally. Though there are just a limited number of retailers and shops selling the perfumes, consumers could easily order a bottle or bottles of their favorite Moschino fragrances through online shopping stores.

If you are defiant of the usual and you aim to establish your own image using scents, it is time you get a bottle of your own Moschino perfume. The tag prices are normally expensive, but for sure, you will acknowledge that it really pays to stand out and be different.

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Moschino Cologne
Moschino Cologne

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