Miss Dior Women’s Fragrance

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Christian Dior Perfumes – Reasons Modern Women Must Try It

Author: Abhishek Agarwal

Christian Dior perfumes convey all the elegance of haut couture design but there is nothing old fashioned about them. Some of the fragrances in the range convey a sense of dangerous sensuality that is perhaps unexpected in a classic fragrance. Some are more muted in tone and suited to everyday wear. Yet they are all immensely feminine and spontaneous.

It was Christian Dior who invented the New Look that revolutionised the way women dressed in the 1940s. The style was the essence of feminity and glamour after a period of austerity. “I have designed flower women.” Dior said of his new voluptuous style. That is the feel that comes across in many of the Dior perfumes.

J’adore contains damascus plum and amaranth wood. It has notes of mandarin, champaca flowers, ivy, African orchid, violet and blackberry musk. It is designed for the confident, sensual woman.

But not all Dior perfumes are so full on sensual. Miss Dior is an unusual fragrance that combines woody, mossy notes with gardenia, green floral and rose. It is ideal for day time wear. It is perfume for the office when you don’t want to seduce your boss but you do want him to give you a pay rise.

Even s sensual woman has to go to work. Another great daytime Dior perfume is Dune for Women. It’s alcohol free and is fine in summer although some people see it as the winter fragrance of choice, maybe it reminds them of summer. It’s an old standard and reminds many people of their mum. But there’s no harm in that.

Diorella is also a good option for daytime wear. It is light and intended to appeal to independent, free spirited women. There are the same mossy notes that you get in Miss Dior plus sage and basil.

Addict is at the other end of the scale. This Dior perfume is a passionate, sensual fragrance with a silky feel to it. Dioressence is as sumptuous because it contains patchouli and many floral notes but is more spicy with cinnamon and other spicy tones.

Top of the Dior perfume range and top of the price list is the classic Dior perfume Poison. It was launched in 1985 but still a favorite. This Dior perfume is an spicy, oriental blend that is warmed with amber, honey and berries. It’s a knock your socks off sexy fragrance. Hypnotizing, sensual are some of the adjectives that are used to describe this Dior perfume.

If Dior Poison is a bit much for you, then try Tendre Poison which is a younger, lighter version of the same classic fragrance.

The Dior perfume range has a fragrance for every woman whatever mood she is in, whatever time of day it is and whatever season. You need to spend some time testing them and finding the one or ones for you.

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Miss Dior Women’s Fragrance
Miss Dior Women’s Fragrance

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