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When it comes to children and fragrances, nobody scoffs when a manufacturer produces discount perfumes for young girls. Yet, when Disney announced that they were going to create discount cologne for little boys, people all over the world expressed their discontentment on blogs and message boards. So, it leaves one to wonder: is discount cologne for young boys cute or something totally asinine?

Well, believe it or not the idea is not totally new. There are a few designer colognes created for boys. An example is Baby Blue Jeans, a fragrance created by Versace.

But if Disney goes through with their plan, they would be creating a fragrance that falls into the category of discount cologne. This is because it would not only be inexpensive, but widely available in department stores. It’s possible that boys can buy these fragrances alongside their toys or video games.

So, where’s the problem? Well, a lot of people believe that wearing cologne is an ‘adult’ activity. The thought of someone younger than 13 putting on cologne seems weird and out-of-place.

There were also concerns that boys might act stupid with the cologne… putting on so much that they end up getting asthma or other lung conditions. Of course, no one made mention of parents preventing these problems by limiting their kids’ access to the cologne.

Also, no one thinks about the double-standard when it comes to girls and perfume. Why is it considered cute for a girl to put on perfume yet weird if a boy puts on cologne? Both have the same intentions… they want to imitate the adult world. Girls imitate their moms, while boys imitate their dads.

Plus, it’s not like Disney plans on manufacturing the next Axe Shower Gel. Instead, they will be creating a fragrance that is more subtle and child-like. Even the packaging will be appealing to kids.

In conclusion, just because many people think discount cologne for boys is weird does not mean the idea should not be explored. In fact, some men have even talked about how their sons wanted to be like daddy when he put on cologne for work, church or other events. But with the way things currently are, if dad does not get him boy’s designer cologne, the poor child is just going to have to sit there and watch.

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Michael Cologne
Michael Cologne

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