Men Sealed

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LDS, Mormons, men sealed to men?? TheLaw of adoption?

Have you heard about this in mormon history?
Living men were sealed to other men as sons?
and then stopped…
Early Mormons sealed living men to other men in an unusual ceremony known as the law of adoption. Thus a man could have any number of men adopted to himself as his sons for eternity.
Apr 5,1894 – At meeting of First Presidency and apostles, Wilford Woodruff announces revelation which ends practice of adopting (sealing) men to LDS leaders.

Joseph Smith did initiate certain trusted leaders into the adoptionary order as early as 1842.” (Brigham Young University Studies, Spring 1974, p. 295)

I just NEVER heard of this while a Member…

They didn’t actually ever do this, even though there are lots of historical references to it. It was a mistranscription in the temple records, or else it was just these General Authorities’ personal opinion that it happened. Don’t worry, the church is still ‘true’ – you can go back to sleep now.

Men Sealed

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