Men Attract Women Pheromones

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What are the most sexual perfumes that attract men and women?

I’m NOT talking about these pheromone perfumes, but for the regular ones.
Which smell can turn on a girl and which smell can turn on on a guy? Which is the perfume that can drive you absolutely crazy?

Every person is different. So asking individual people is an exercise in futility. However, certain colognes/perfumes have broad appeal to many people. Making scents like these is actually extremely difficult.

Your best bet is to stick to anything high end ($50+ for standard size bottle of cologne….up to twice that for women). The better scents are the ones that have been around awhile (Polo, Aramis, Calvein Klein, Lagerfeld etc.) although newer ones sometimes are a hit, particularly if made by the same manufactuer. For example, Polo has several good colognes they’ve come out with since their original. However, their original is still the best..

Find one of these colognes YOU like. Chances are, many women will love them too.

Men Attract Women Pheromones
Men Attract Women Pheromones

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