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Most people say that you should say it, not spray it. But for some companies, it’s just the opposite. They think that they should say it when they spray it – their business information, that is. A lot of companies are putting their names and logos on promotional atomisers.

But a lot of companies wonder why it’s a good idea to use atomisers to promote their business. Why not just use something usual like T shirts or other promotional items that other companies are using to promote their business and their products? There are a few reasons why using something such as atomisers makes good business sense.

They are Different

One of the big reasons that companies are using something like atomisers to promote their business is that it’s something new and different. When a company offers something that is different from the other companies, they know that they are going to stand out and be remembered by people.

Promotional Atomisers are Handy

There is something that almost every woman knows, and that is how annoying it can be to travel with perfume. You don’t want to take your entire bottle of perfume with you, but there aren’t a lot of choices when it comes to alternatives for carrying a small amount of perfume when they are on the go. But with atomisers, they can pour a small amount of perfume into the atomiser and take it along with them wherever they go. That way they have just the right amount of perfume with them without the need for carrying an entire bottle of perfume.

There are a few ways that you will find that you can promote your business with atomisers.


You can give promotional atomisers to your female clients to use for their perfume when they are on a trip and want to take some perfume along with them. They are a great way to show the female clients that your company is thinking about their needs and that the company is concerned about their needs. Giving promotional valued clients shows them that they are valued and that the company thinks about the things that might make their lives easier.


Promotional atomisers are a great item that a company can give out to their travelling saleswomen so that they can keep small amounts of their perfume with them when they are out on the road. Saleswomen never know when they might want to have a squirt of perfume to make them smell nice for a big meeting.

Promotional atomisers are something that are a good item to give out to people. They are something that not a lot of companies think about, so the companies that offer them are going to stand out from the crowd. They are a nice to offer to female clients and to saleswomen that are in the company so that they can take some perfume with them wherever they go. Promotional atomisers are a must when a company has a lot of female employees and clients who are going to make good use of them.

Matt Franks is director of Fluid Branding, the UK’s leading online supplier of promotional atomisers and other Promotional Products. You can also find a wide range of Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items at Eco Incentives.

Mat Perfume
Mat Perfume

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