Mariah Carey Perfume for Women

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What is the best perfume for women out of Mariah Carey’s M, Gwen Stefani’s L, Kate by Kate Moss, Covet by SJP

and Christina by Christina Aguilera. I don’t realli like Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker if that’s a clue. I think I like Kate Moss’?? I hate Paris’ there any others you’ve tried that are worth while checking out??!!


Definately Kate Moss..

“Kate by Kate Moss fragrance is ‘a mix of elegant and risque.’ Kate perfume is infused with smoky rose and black undertones, coupled with a vintage English feel. The ‘complicated floral’ scent will reflect the duality of Kate Moss. Kate Moss’ fragrance ‘captures the two sides of Kate: the good Kate and the bad Kate’. ”

I love it!

Mariah Carey Perfume For Women
Mariah Carey Perfume For Women

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