Magnetism Perfume

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Escada Magnetism Perfume for women is an alluring and inviting fragrance that is sure to bring you many compliments. This sensual and effective perfume is not as sweet as some of the other Escada fragrances that are on the market, but it is delicious and sweet in its on way. Escada Magnetism is a powerful aroma that will showcase your unique personality and give you a feeling of confidence and power.

Escada Magnetism is truly a magnetic fragrance. It will help you attract positive attention from all kinds of admirers. Magnetism perfume for women is a long lasting fragrance that will stay with you all day leaving an intoxicating and enticing aromatic trail in your wake.

Escada Magnetism is the perfect fragrance to wear in the fall or winter. It has spicy and heady appeal that will keep you feeling warm and sultry. The perfect blend of spices and the delicate sweetness that is found in perfume will provide you with the ideal fragrance for a refreshing walk in the crisp Autumn weather or a warm fireside evening with someone you love. The scent is fresh and exciting and will leave you feeling confidant and self assured.

Magnetism will give any woman a feeling of empowerment and self assuredness. The intense aroma will help you to feel sexy and confidant. The fresh blend of fruits and greens and leaves will draw people to you. Escada also contains hints of sweet pineapple, blackcurrant, and litchee as well as sweet smelling rose, magnolia, jasmine, heliotrope, iris, and sandalwood. Fragrance also has the flavors of patchouli, musk and vetiver.

Escada Magnetism is a perfect fragrance for casual daytime encounters and laidback activities. It will project a sense of confidence and self assuredness.

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Magnetism Perfume
Magnetism Perfume

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