Madame Eau De Toilette

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When I first sniffed Coco Mademoiselle, it suddenly transported me to an aristocratic woman’s boudoir. In her dressing room, her perfumes would be on top of her antique dresser. She would own fragrances from the world’s most sophisticated and established design houses, such as Creed, Dior, Estee Lauder, Givenchy, Guerlain and Nina Ricci. Of course, her prized scents would come from the world’s most recognized and upscale fashion and perfume house, Chanel. She would use Chanel No. 5 for every day use, Gardenia when she wanted to feel classy and established and Coco Mademoiselle when she wanted to feel young and sensuous.

I recently had another sniff of this new classic perfume, which caused me to have a similar experience when I first encountered the floral fragrance. It took me on a mental journey; I had a fragrance memory. About a year ago, I went on a cruise with a group of good friends to the Mexican Riviera. One of my comrades used my Coco Mademoiselle tester. (I used to sell designer perfumes.) Just like the imaginary woman that I described in the above paragraph, she had an aristocratic aura. She came from a hardworking and good family who appreciated the finer things in life. So, I wasn’t surprise when she used my tester. When she sprayed the fragrance on her body, the blend of her natural oils and the scent were amazing. If I wasn’t part of the third sex, I would have seduced her.

As you can tell from the above paragraphs, I really love Coco Mademoiselle. Its mixture of chypre and floral notes are spellbinding. It is also very feminine and sophisticated, which makes it very sensual. I must give you this one warning if you choose to wear this perfume; you must be prepared for plenty of attention. You will receive many lustful stares from many gentlemen and some beautiful women.

Coco Mademoiselle is a younger member of the Chanel fragrance family. Originally launched in 2001 as an eau de parfum, it was created by Jacques Poge. According to Chanel’s web site, he “reaffirms the modernity of the young Coco Chanel, who overturned convention with the pure and simple lines of her inimitable style. Coco Mademoiselle is the fragrance Coco Chanel would wear if she were 21 at the dawn of the 21st century.” In 2002, Chanel launched the eau de toilette version of this fragrance. It was lighter and sweeter according to Osmoz, and it symbolized understated elegance.

Coco Mademoiselle begins with orange and bergamot. Its middle notes are rose and jasmine, and it dries down to patchouli and vetiver. Grapefruit, litchi, musk and vanilla notes are added to the eau de toilette formula.

Coco Mademoiselle’s juice is housed in a bottle that is similar to Chanel No. 5’s legendary flacon. It is “bare and structured.” The eau de toilette’s bottle is considered to be abstract. It is rectangular and very vertical. Its cap is pearly white.

You can purchase Coco Mademoiselle from all Chanel boutiques, fine department stores and perfumeries. It can also be bought on Chanel’s website. It is available in 1.7 oz and 3.4 oz sizes. Finally, if you are a classy, playful and sensuous madame or mademoiselle, I highly recommend that you buy and wear Coco Mademoiselle.

Lawrence Johnson, Jr., aka The Fragrance Man, was a public librarian for over 8 years. He briefly sold designer fragrances and wrote articles and guides for community groups and publications. He is also a passionate fragrance lover and loves to think. He currently owns over 2 dozen fragrances. He is the creator and sole writer for a blog called The Fragrance Man: A Fragrance Addict,

Madame Eau De Toilette
Madame Eau De Toilette

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