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Men who find themselves smitten can find a scent that exudes their feelings. Cologne comes in a wide variety of scents. Truly, fragrance can spin a woman from cold to hot, depending on the scent. Some male colognes can emit sensuality that makes the wearer more attractive to the woman they happen to be courting. The right perfume could also boost the wearer’s confidence level, which can only help a man’s passion. It is imperative to find a scent that suits your personality. Obviously, if you are not comfortable with the scent, it will show. It could put you in the wrong mood. Finding something that adds confidence so you can sweep your loved one of her feet is essential.

Versace Blue Jeans is a wonderful aroma which is great for the man in love. It combines scents of the forest, peppery citrus, and gentle violet to form a classic man-in-love fragrance. Both sexy and passionate, this aroma is great for day wear. This moderate intensity cologne can last up to five hours. Since the fragrance only costs between $20 and $30, this aroma is great for any budget. Make your woman swoon by wearing this invigorating aroma.

Curve for Men by Liz Arden is another interesting aroma for those men who are in love. Sensual definitely describes this aromatic effusion. A mix of sandalwood, cedar, lavender, musk, and citrus, this matchless fragrance exudes sexuality. Curve is a fragrance which could be used day or night for amazing sex appeal. A 2.5 ounce container will only set you back around $18 to $20, so you can save some cash for your honey bunny. An alternative rendering, Curve Crush, comes at a better price and has a small difference, but still exudes sex. Other varieties of this aroma are Curve Wave, Curve Soul, and Curve Kicks.

Women will also find Joop irresistible. Men in love can succeed in romance when sporting this romantic aroma. This sensually smelling fragrance infuses piquant aromas with bergamot, cinnamon, flowery aromas, vanilla, musk, and sexy woods. This temperate aroma is wonderful for fiery nights on the town or hushed evenings with your lady. A 2.5 ounce container will set you back between $30-$35. Other aromatic Joop varieties include Go and Jump.

Aexude passion by wearing a scent like Acqua di Gio. A mixture of marine tones, fruits, herbs, basil, jasmine, scented woods, and citrus, this cologne will boost your libido. Day or night can be the precise time for wearing this seductive scent. Depending on the retailer, you could spend between $40 to $70 for a 3.4 ounce bottle of this passionate scent.

Men in love have no reason to fear. There are many scents and cologne notes which will show your love for that special someone. Your tastes and your lady’s tastes both matter. You need a scent that you like and are rich with woody and musk notes, but that turns her on. Passion is just a spray away when you are in the mood for romance and men cologne is the trigger.

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Lovely Parfum
Lovely Parfum

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