Love Perfume

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where can i buy hillary duffs wrapped in love perfume in the uk?

i know it must be out over here, as i have seen people selling it on ebay from the uk, but im having no luck finding it myself i just want to buy myself a bottle from a shop, i dont really trust ebay. anyone seen it around?

I’m not sure if ‘Wrapped With Love’ is out yet in the UK is it? I went to Debenhams on Friday and they only have ‘With Love’ on the shelf, but i didn’t ask about it, so maybe it was somewhere else? It was released in Feb for the US and probs Canada, but i’m not sure is the UK or Aus have it just yet.. maybe give it another month?

When ‘With Love’ came out it was released about 2 months after the US date. So wait until April?

Also when ‘With Love’ came out Debenhams had a big window display for it! So maybe they’ll have one for ‘Wrapped With Love’ too? I hope so! xD

Love Perfume
Love Perfume

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