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Astrologers look to the sky for symbols and meanings reflected back on earth in our human interactions and existence. Venus, the planet that represents what we love and value is direct Friday April 17th at 3:24PM EDT. The impact when Venus moves direct or retrograde is significant and circumstances that involve Venus, such as relationship and money issues are prominent.  

Venus is at the last degree of Pisces, connected to a fixed star that symbolizes sorrow and suffering. Venus at this position is the epitome of what it can mean to love unconditionally and to let go of something or someone even when we do not understand why something is the way it is.    

Venus in Pisces is creative and romantic. Venus began its retrograde from Aries, asking us to ask; what about me? Pisces is about being willing to sacrifice for love. What in our relationships do we need to let go of? What do we need to do to have the right relationships?  

The chart of Venus direct has the Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Aries. Friends, leadership and connecting with others will be important themes until the next Venus retrograde which happens October 2010. To have a deeper understanding of Venus in her retrograde cycle cast a chart for the exact time that Venus goes retrograde and another chart for when she moves direct.  This is saying to let go of a relationship even if there is pain and suffering in doing so, or realize that in order to maintain a certain relationship you will have to sacrifice your wants and needs to keep the relationship in your life. Neither choice may be the one you would prefer if everything was perfect.  

What the energy of the planets is asking us to do is to let go and of pain and suffering even if we are justified in the suffering. There are many reasons why we suffer; loss, grief, people dying before we want them to, those we are passionately in love with not loving us in return, losing a job to no fault of our own, illness that descends upon us for no apparent reason and more. Let go of the need to understand why something tragic has happened, and trust that there must be a higher reason and intellect that is beyond our knowing or seeing at the present moment.  

The vibration of the astrology also asks us to love with detachment. Wish the best for all, rise to a higher humanitarian state where you want all beings to be happy. Relationships that have been in a holding pattern will start to change; purchasing decisions that you have been delaying can be made and fear around spending money will decrease as merchants have an increase in sales.  

Astrologers have a fascinating tool that provides insight into the mood swings of the public. Study astrology and you will find as above, so below. The reflection and symbols in the astrology chart manifest in events on earth.  

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Love EDT
Love EDT

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