Limited Edition Women’s Fragrance

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Caron – Unique and High End Fragrances

Author: James Philips

Paris is the city of romance as they say. For some, the city also is a breeding ground for very beautiful and fashionable things. In Europe, Paris is also termed the fashion capital of the region. With the emergence of Caron Perfumes and Fragrance, the romanticism and lovely appeal of the city has further been bolstered.

The century-old history of the house of fragrances speaks for itself. It is as aromatic and as elegantly scented as its major lines of perfumes. Caron Perfumes and Fragrances is a product of love and inspiration. In 1904, perfume designer Ernest Daltroff formulated a scent that symbolized his glaring, yet undeclared love for the woman of his dreams, named Felicie Wanpouille.

Later on, the two jived and started creating scents that would eventually move Paris off its feet. Together, the couple created some of the company’s greatest and most popular ever perfumes including ‘N’Aimez, Tabac Blond, Pour un Homme and Fleurs de Rocaille.

As a company, Caron Perfume and Fragrances moved on amid different and challenging pressures. In the 1930s, the company was able to expand its line of products from fragrances into several cosmetics, specifically powder. During that time, the manufacturing technique developed by the company in making its very fine cosmetic powder was recognized as innovative and trend setting.

In the 1940s, Mr. Daltroff migrated to the US and his partner Felicie was left to manage the company on her own until her death in 1967. In the later part of the 1990s, the company was acquired by tycoon Patrick Alees. It was noted that Mr Alees and Mr Datroff have something in common, and it was very interesting: they both had definite and exquisite passion for roses.

The analogy did not end there. There was a slight contrast though. While Mr Daltroff was fond of using his loved roses for the formulation and design of his fragrances, Mr Alees simply collected the roses and included them within his primrose garden.

Caron was the sole perfume house that had a revered and much publicized perfumer, whom the company called its ‘nose’. Richard Fraysse was the Haute Parfumerie of the company, a right that was passed from the founder, Mr. Daltroff. For more than 30 years of his tenure at the company, the ‘nose’ was able to formulate and design several of the most popular and well noted perfumes to come from the under the Caron brand.

To date, Caron is actively distributing its many lines of perfumes classified under its fountains, women’s and men’s perfume lines. There are also several limited edition perfumes that are offered occasionally or in very limited volume. Caron Perfumes and Fragrances dwarf all other perfumes coming from different fashion houses.

The company asserts that it is the royalty when it comes to fragrances. With its very unique and high profile lines of perfumes, no one could ever contest that assertion. Caron perfumes are simply among the best the market could ever produce.

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Limited Edition Women’s Fragrance
Limited Edition Women’s Fragrance

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