Lempicka Women Perfume

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♥Perfume {Lolita Lempicka}♥?

I want to purchase the Lolita Lempicka perfume for women. It has a really nice smell!!! But I was wondering, what ages would you recommend this fragrance for? Would it be an “inapropriate” scent for a teenager? Does it smell too mature?

I love her perfumes! Do you want the first one shaped like a purple apple, or the second one called “L”? Anyone can
wear those, so don’t worry about age. There both very nice smelling. The second one is more gourmand, so it has notes of vanilla/cinnamon/bitter orange. Everyone loves that one!
Check out both before buying if you can. I’d buy both, but I adore these perfumes. There are alot of reviews for these online at www.makeupalley.com

Lempicka Women Perfume
Lempicka Women Perfume

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