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Let the Fragrance Speak – Perfumes as a Gift Idea

Author: Amit Desai

“I send thee this sweet perfume a fragrance to the fragrant, as one would offer wine to the god of wine”


When fragrance speaks, the words get lured.  This is why perfumes are considered as one of the best gifts for different occasions – be it Birthday, Anniversary or Wedding Day.  The magical fragrance of a well prepared perfume can guide our senses to a mystic land, where we can only think of leading our life in a romantic way.  If the fragrance of a particular perfume matches the personality of the user, it can create magic and can leave an everlasting mark.

The Fragrant Past

At present there are different brands with various sensuous fragrances that are ruling the market.  People from every class are getting the opportunity to use various fragrances.  This picture was a bit different in the past.  At that time, it was only the royal classes and the aristocrats who were able to use perfumes.  It was very costly as well as rare.  Once France introduced the chemical based perfumes, the common man got the chance to entice his/her senses.

The word perfume has its origin from a Latin phrase “Per Fumus” which means “through smoke” or something that is carried by the smoke.  This phrase was used for incense that was the earliest form of perfumes and was discovered in Mesopatamia around 3000-4000 years ago.  Later, the French people improvised the Latin Phrase and it was known as “Parfum”.It was around 3000B.C.  when the Egyptians became aware about perfumes.  They carried out several expeditions under royal patronage and found new fragrances.  The Romans, Arabians as well as Asians played a major role in the development of natural perfumes.  These perfumes were extracted from flowers, as well as from different trees.  In the later period, the Islamic cultures introduced the use of spices and herbs with the natural perfumes and thus, the modernization of perfumes began.

To extract aroma from different natural products, the Islamic cultures used the distillation technology.  The technique was adopted by the Western countries and was further developed by them.  France played a leading role in the development of perfumes and due to its initiatives, chemical perfumes were invented.  This invention changed the whole perfume industry and France became the prime hub of the perfume industry.  These path breaking inventions and developments also enabled the common man to enjoy the luxury of perfumes that was once limited for the Aristocrats.

The Aromatic Present

At present, the perfume industry has developed itself manifolds than the past and almost the whole world is under its reach.  The reputed Fashion Houses are still producing costly perfumes with enchanting and long lasting fragrances.  At the same time, there are the soothing chemical perfumes that cost less and can be afforded by everyone.  The Western countries are still ruling the perfume industry.  Once perfumes were used for the rituals, then it entered the aristocrat’s world.  At present, it is a part of our daily life and every kind of celebrations.  It is also considered as a precious gift item on different occassions.

Different Shades of Fragrance

There are several categories of perfume that are decided according to the presence of the essential oils in them.  Perfume is actually a mixture of denatured ethyl alcohol and essential oils.  Among these two, the quantity of denatured ethyl alcohol remains around 78% to 99%.  The quantity of essential oils varies between 22% and 1%.  The best quality of perfume is itself known as Perfume (22% essential oils) whereas Eau Fraiche (1% to 3% essential oils) is the lightest of the all the perfume categories.  The other categories are Eau de Parfum (EDP 15% to 22% essential oils), Eau de Toilette (EDT with 8% to 15% essential oils) and Eau de Cologne (4% essential oils).

The Enchanters

At present there are thousands of perfume brands in the market.  All these have their own identical fragrance and own ways of luring our senses.  Some of the most famous perfume brands are Azzaro, Benetton, Burberry, Bvlgari, Calvin Klein, Carolina Herrera, Cartier, Chanel, Chopard, Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Elizabeth Arden, Ferrari, Giorgio Armani, Givenchy, Guerlain, Hugo Boss, Issey Miyake, Jesus Del Pozo, Kenneth Cole, JLO by Jennifer Lopez, Kenzo, Versace, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Swiss Army and Tommy Hilfiger.

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