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Fragrance Your Loved Ones Lives With Perfume Gift Sets

Author: Claire Watson

Perfumes make great gifts for everyone. It is one of the most delicate and sensuous gifts one can ever give or get. And since Valentines Day is knocking at the door it is the time for buying gifts for your loved ones. Perfume gifts can make fantastic presents. Such gifts may be cherished and remembered for a long time. Perfume gift sets may make expensive gifts but it worth spending that amount of money as it helps reinforce the bond you share. And as they say exquisite things are always expensive.

Perfumes highlight your sense of style and personality to the rest of the world. And it adds an extra embellishment to your individuality. While you are going to buy perfumes, the first thing that attracts you is the sheer extravagance of the bottle. Perfume bottles come in a variety of shapes, colours, and materials. The rare and trendy shades, designs and shapes of the bottles make them so attractive that they instantly win your heart. Many people even preserve their favourite perfume bottles long after they are exhausted. Many buyers would buy perfume just because they fell in love with the bottle!

Choosing the right perfume gifts

Perfumes are generally bought according to one’s own taste and senses. Some would always go for those mild fragrances, which enhances their personality. And the strong floral fragrances would delight some. Thus you have to be more careful while buying perfume gifts. The division of male and female fragrances has happened relatively recently in mid 19th century. All the famous fashion houses now create unique male and female fragrances. The first exclusively male fragrance was the based on lavender. According to famous perfumer Pier Burdon: “Lavender is the only purely male fragrance”. And it is hardly used in perfumes designed for women. But later on perfumers experimented and created various fragrances for men. A recent study says that cologne and deodorants are a special favourite among everyday men.

Though there is a wide range of perfumes being created for men, but women rule the industry. Several famous brands come up with their latest collection of perfumes for women every year. Some people wear perfume according to their personality while some wear them according to their present mood.

Choice of perfumes depends solely on the buyer but when someone is thinking of buying perfume gifts he or she should choose something classic and famous. The ranges of classic perfumes delight almost everyone and are thus called famous. Some of the most famous perfumes include Eternity by Calvin Klein, Obsession by Calvin Klein, and White Linen by Estee Lauder. Passion by Elizabeth Arden happens to be my personal favourite for perfume gifts.

Perfume Gift Sets – best for perfume gifts

Stores are decked up with their newest and loveliest collection of perfumes. Specially packed perfume gift sets are also available from various fashion brands. These perfume gift sets are the ideal gift for your loved ones. So, start buying perfumes for a fragrant 2008.

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Lauder Pure Perfume
Lauder Pure Perfume

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