Laroche Men

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Is Adam LaRoche the happiest man in baseball right now..?

As a Pirate fan I am glad to see him go and I am sure he is too.

I had mental picture of him walking around the Pirate club house naked with a cigar telling everyone to kiss his @ss..sort of like the Chapelle Show skit when he knocks up Oprah
someone tell Miss Know It All to lighten was a question asked in jest. And don’t assume that I am not Adam LaRoche’s best friend or cousin or agent

As Neil Huntington said Laroche didn´t show a lot of emotion. He seemed to make a lot of errors too (2 of the 4 games i went to he made an error on a ground ball).
Who will be playing first now for the Pirates?
Can Doumit play first?
What is it with the pirates trading their best players to the best clubs? (Nady to the Yankees, Bay and Laroche to the Red Sox).

I just PRAY that the Bucs wont trade Wilson or Sanchez. That will totally ruin their fan base.

Laroche Men

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