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Lanvin – 80 Years of Perfume Making

Author: James Philips

For more than 80 years now, Lanvin perfumes have been making great waves in the vast sea of the designer perfumes sector. Surely, the brand is one of the oldest we have in the global consumer market these days. The older generation probably will assert that they know more about the brand, but the current consumers of the contemporary age would surely say they also appreciate and love the fragrances.

Lanvin perfumes come as the fragrance line of top Paris-based fashion house Lanvin. Fashion designer Jeanne Lanvin started her own fashion house in the early 1920s. Like most popular and top couturieres of her time, Ms. Lanvin relied on her own fashion designs and signature fashion products to make her business truly booming. As a fashion house, history has it that the company’s status was boosted significantly by the establishment and the launch in 1924 of its fragrance business unit called Lanvin Parfums SA.

One of Lanvin’s first signature fragrances was My Sin, which was introduced to the market in 1924. The perfume made an impact and was able to niche up a premium and high-end market for the Lanvin brand. At the time, even people who did not know Lanvin and were not buying Lanvin clothes were introduced to the brand through the phenomenal popularity of ‘My Sin’.

To hold on to the popularity and fame brought about by ‘My Sin’ and to further bolster the performance of Lanvin Parfums, the company introduced Arpege in 1927. The fragrance eventually made its etch as the company’s signature scent. What is more inspiring about Arpege is that the fragrance tells a story about a mother’s pride and devoted love to a daughter.

To give a human angle to the popularity and launch of Arpege, it has been revealed that Jeanne Lanvin was able to formulate and come up with the designer perfume through taking inspiration from the sound created by her daughter who was constantly practicing piano scales at home.

From the piano to a mother’s pride of her daughter, Arpege was able to come closer to the hearts of numerous fragrance consumers. As years went by, seasons changed and world disorders came about. Arpege was shadowed by so many events and things that time helped introduce.

Proof that the scent would not fade, Arpege was re-launched by the company in the 1990s. Arpege was among the rare old fragrances that have been revived to be enjoyed by the current generation. The result was overwhelming as the Lanvin perfume line proved once again that it is reliable and that it would always be able to please the olfactory senses of people.

With the usual changes of ownership through the decades, Lanvin was bought out in 1994 by L’Oreal and later on by Harmonie SA. Though the company and its parfums unit encountered major revamps and rebranding, Lanvin perfumes still holds the title as the company’s pride and source of strength. Through time, the fragrance brand has proven that it is invincible and that people who love fragrances will always love it.

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Lanvin Colognes
Lanvin Colognes

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